Irvine Air Conditioning Troubleshooting

Posted by on Jul 24, 2014 in AC Repair Irvine CA

Since air conditioners are rather complex devices with a variety of interrelated parts, air conditioners are prone to a variety of common concerns. The good news is, it is feasible to deal with those problems with a little maintenance. If your air conditioning unit is struggling with any of these troubles, adhere to AC Repair Irvine’s steps here  to resolve the reason for the issue.

Air Filter Issues

Your air conditioner’s air filter is the element that gets rid of dust and particles from the cooled air prior to it enters your house. When effectively operating, the air filter improves your in the house air quality, yet over time, it could become clogged. A grimy air filter is behind several common air conditioner troubles; for circumstances, it could trigger cool air to develop inside the machine, leading to cold. Filthy air filters could also decrease the total efficiency of your system.

As a rule, filters should be cleaned or switched out on a regular monthly basis throughout the cooling period. If your equipment makes use of disposable filters, go to a community factory licensed dealer to locate a substitute that suits your machine as opposed to getting a generic filter from a hardware outlet. Cleaning a reusable filter is a rather basic DIY AC repair work activity: Just clean it extensively with warm water and permit it air dry completely prior to placing it back in the device.

Dirty Condenser Fins

If your air conditioner competes too long with a filthy air filter, dirt and debris could accumulate on the condenser fins. You can clean the dust off, but make certain to acquire a special fin brush. Making use of a tool that’s not designed for the activity could damage the fragile fins, causing a a lot more pricey repair work.

Early Morning AC Freezing

Occasionally, air conditioners panic even when their air filters are clean. Frequently, this is not a trouble with the air conditioner itself, yet rather a result of cold outdoor temperature levels. If your ac unit keeps freezing up after running overnight, attempt closing it off in the night and transforming it back on throughout the day. By not running the cooling cycle throughout the colder night hours, you may manage to repair the problem.

AC Refrigerant Leaks

Among the most serious AC problems is a crack in the refrigerant lines. Your AC utilizes a refrigerant pattern to move heat from your residence, but the procedure does not really eat refrigerant. During your house upkeep checks, take a look at the refrigerant gauge. If the refrigerant degree has actually dropped here the advisable array, a leakage is the most likely source.

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