Common Irvine Furnace Maintenance Issues

Posted by on Nov 21, 2014 in Heating Repair Irvine CA

Heating Repair Irvine CA wants to see to it all Irvine residents are keeping their furnaces running efficiently and safely to help prevent breakdowns when it needed the most.

Irvine Furnace Maintenance Safety Tips

If you are doing any of your very own furnace maintenance, it is necessary to not remove the burners or stick anything into the pilot orifice. Misaligned burners can present a severe danger by enabling gas to build up prior to the burner fires up, causing a flash fire. Poking a sharp object into a pilot can expand the orifice, can cause the burner flames to be dangerously too large.

If your furnace has a standing pilot, switching off the gas to the furnace when the heating season is over will certainly conserve you as much as 5 percent per year on your gas costs. To relight the pilot, read the directions on the furnace’s gas valve.

When to Call Heating Repair Irvine for Assistance

Short Cycling

Short cycling is taking place if the furnace just runs for a couple of minutes and stops. The reason for this is usually either the thermostat is out of alignment or the heat exchanger overheats.

Odd Noises

With a forced-air heating system, one ought to not hear popping or rumbling noises from the device. They will certainly happen with water heater, though it is an indication that there is excess sediment accumulated in the storage tank, but must not happen with a furnace.

Irregular Flame

The rows of flames from the burner should all be about the very same height. When they are not, the cause is generally due to a cracked heat exchanger or the burners require a good cleaning.

Persistent Health Problem

One of the leading concerns with any kind of gas powered device, like a furnace or water heater, is to make sure there is no carbon monoxide leakages. Carbon monoxide gas alarms are a must! If anybody in the household experiences frequent headaches or flu-like symptoms, do not take it lightly. Give us a call to see to it your furnace is working properly.

Soot Deposits

Soot will establish when combustion is insufficient with the furnace. The cause is that the burners require a change or the heat exchanger might be cracked.

If you are experiencing any of these signs from your furnace, let us know quickly so we can see to it your furnace is working as security and successfully as possible.