Avoid a Irvine AC Repair by Managing Humidity

Posted by on Feb 2, 2015 in AC Repair Irvine CA

Seeking to offer your AC unit a helping hand this summer season? Here, AC Repair Irvine CA has organized tips on the best strategies to do simply that, and assist in saving on power expenses as well.

Tactics to Manage Humidity in Ones Irvine Home

Probably the greatest factor to help restrict ones air conditioning system from giving the coolest air achievable, and that will in addition help increase ones power costs is humidity. It strikes really hard on an air conditioners cooling procedure. Nonetheless, there can be things one can perform to help lower the strain it inflicts on ones cooling system and to help lessen the additional energy costs, which could be as much as 30 %, that an inefficient AC unit can add.

The very first thing that people are capable of doing is help circulate the air within the household much more. Humidity will be minimized by fine air motion. On highly humid times one can operate fans and ceiling fans to maximize the air flow throughout the household. It will in addition help make the home feel cooler as well, seeing that the air is circulating, ideally letting one to reduce the thermostat simultaneously.

Certainly, the most apparent idea is to make certain the filters on the cooling system are switched often. If any one in the house has problems with allergies or if one has animals in the household, it’s advisable to at the least replace the filters monthly to help with allergy aid and pet hair that will block up a filter quicker. Additionally, make sure that ceiling fan blades are wiped frequently too! We realize, not really an exciting task or a simple one if one has high ceilings.

AC Repair Irvine advises having us come and carry out a total AC unit check in the springtime also. With that, we can be certain ones existing cooling system is running at maximum efficiency which could help reduce ones power costs.

Just before running the air conditioning system, make certain to clean off and close to the condenser unit outdoors. Leaves and branches from the fall and wintertime should be taken away. Ensure that there’s several feet of room around the condenser. Cut any shrubbery or vegetation that might have grown closer. Look at the coils on the exterior of the condenser to assure they aren’t bent or harmed from something during the wintertime.

Seal up the air leaks. Do a thorough inspection of all the windows and doors in the dwelling for any kind of leaks or spaces that air might possibly get in. Securing cracks is cost-efficient and very easy to undertake and helps secure the property’s envelope. Make use of insulation, weather-stripping, caulk, whatever is the most suitable for the kind of crack. With the subject matter of insulation, examin the amount of insulation in the attic space to guarantee it is enough as well. Likewise look at the basement, if ones dwelling has one, and the fireplace, as likely areas where air may perhaps get into or escape from the property.

If the property has old windows, a more inexpensive alternative to changing them is to apply tinted window film to reflect the UR rays from the sun, so they don’t enter into the household. This may reduce the volume of heat coming into the household, and helps to lower humidity. They make reflecting insulation that functions the same way, that can be utilized for walls and roofs.

Minor elements such as making use of window shades to obstruct sunshine, brighter paint colors and roofing material tones will in addition help in reducing the level of heat that comes into the household.

Finally, dehumidifiers, as the term implies, can additionally help reduce the humidity amounts in the household. This can help lessen the level of work the air conditioning system has to carry out in reducing humidity in the air. Dehumidifiers likewise help keep the air ductwork dryer as well.

Look at our services here, particularly if you wish to plan an air conditioning servicing check, and read through our different posts on helping to maintain ones house cool in the summer season.