AC Condensate Drain Cleaning

Posted by on Feb 3, 2015 in AC Repair Irvine CA

The important task of an air conditioning unit is to eliminate humidity inside of the residence. As a result, when the air conditioner blower draws the warm air inside the home via the cold evaporator coil, the cooling effect triggers water vapor to condense out of the air quickly. The condensation developed trickles into a collector pan beneath the coil and goes via a drain line or as we call a condensate drain. Though this drain isn’t one of the most crucial components of the air conditioning unit, it will require a little maintenance occasionally to guarantee it doesn’t become blocked and to guarantee mold or other things aren’t developing in it. If left untreated, a clogged drain will backup causing water damage. If the mold development is not removed and stopped, it might be a toxic problem. AC Repair Irvine CA would like to discuss several ideas on just how to best take care of ones air conditioner condensate drains.

Condensate Drain Clogs And Overflows

The wet, warm natural environment of a condensate collector below an air conditioning evaporator coil is a great multiplying location for algae. It could go within the condensate drain line and block it.

Possible Condensate Drain Mold Growth

Mold that develops within the condensate drain system feeds on small airborne organic particulates brought in via the return ductwork. This mold will be able to generate enormous amounts of mold spores which will spread spores straight into the residence by the supply ductwork, and invade the air breathed through the residence. Undoubtedly this will not be a great condition for people that experience allergies or respiratory troubles. Furthermore, mold which begins in the condensate drain collector can grow straight into the evaporator coil, impeding small air passages and restricting air movement.

How to Clean a Condensate Drain

Property owners can stop a blockage by putting a cup of bleach straight into the drain line from the inside. To get rid of a blockage after it has happened, connect a wet/dry shop-vac to the drain line outdoors and draw out the blockage. If you own a window-mounted air conditioner unit make use of vinegar preferably, not bleach. This will probably be less hazardous for any plant life or grass growing under the window unit, in addition to the siding of the property.

The subsequent 2 videos do a good job of explaining strategies of cleaning out the drain line:

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