Gas Furnace Troubleshooting Guide

Posted by on Nov 24, 2014 in Furnace Repair Irvine CA, Heating Repair Irvine CA

Unsure if your furnace is running correctly? Heating Repair Irvine CA has assembled a list of possible things that might be happening with ones furnace for property owners to troubleshoot. These ideas are for a standard gas furnace, not for a high efficiency condensing furnace. The technology for these are advanced and their are some major differences. It is constantly handy if homeowners are able to self-diagnose what the heating repair issues are when giving us a call. These troubleshooting signs are suggested for that function and not as a property owner repair guide.

This video gives a good overview of how a conventional furnace works:

Conventional Gas Furnace Symptoms

Not Producing Any Heat
Not to be too simplistic here, but first make sure the thermostat is not set too low for the furnace to begin running. Sometimes it might look like it should begin working when noticing exactly what the existing temperature is inside the home. Set it higher than what you desire it to be set at just to see if the furnace begins to run. It is possible that the thermostat is just not working at all. If it is a traditional, non-digital thermostat, one can clean the contacts in it.

The breaker could be tripped and need reset.

The pilot light could have to be relighted if it is out. If the furnace has an electronic ignition and is not working, it would be best to have us come have a look at it.

The gas control valve might be closed.

Not Producing Enough Heat
If the furnace is heating, but not like it used to, think when the last time the air filter was replaced. An unclean air filter can cause the furnace to not produce enough heat. There might be an obstruction of air flow to the combustion chamber. The gas burners might be dirty and require a good cleaning and/or adjustment too. Burner adjustments should be left to Furnace Repair Irvine CA to handle.

Furnace Starts and Stops Frequently
Once more, it could be an unclean air filter. If the heat anticipator is not working appropriately, it can trigger the furnace to short cycle. We can swiftly check to see to it the heat anticipator is adjusted appropriately.

The blower motor could be the cause too. It may need lubricated. The belts could require their tension adjusted or replaced also.

Furnace Blower Does Not Turn Off
This is typically the case if the thermostat has been set to constant mode and can easily be changed. There might also be an issue with the fan limit control switch.

The Furnace is Noisy When Running
Any high pitch sounds are probably originating from the blower belt or motor shaft bearings. The belt could be slipping so the tension has to be examined. If it is the motor shaft, an excellent lubrication can do the trick.

A rumbling noise – see if it happens when the burners are on or off. If when the burners are off, it can occur when the pilot light needs adjusted. If it is occurring when the burners are on, the gas burners may be dirty and require cleaned. Once again, any burner concerns must be dealt with be an expert heating repair service provider.

Connect with us if you are experiencing any of these gas furnace symptoms so we can care for any heating repair works for your Irvine CA home today!